Wireless Parking Sensor

Wireless Detection Sensor for Parking - Flush-Mount Version - Sensade

Measuring parking, in real time

Measures in real-time the parking activities of each spot. One technology with two mounting options that suits any type of parking.

Designed to last

The sensor has been designed to withstand harsh conditions. Battery powered, our sensor will last up to 10 years.




UV - resistant


Snow - resistant





Sensors in the field

  • On the spot
  • Overview
Sensors in the field - on the spot
Sensors-in-the-field-overview-illustration--less bolder lines

Technical specifications


Temperature and 3-axis Magnetometer




Up to 10 years

Detection Latency

1 – 59 Seconds

Temperature Range

-30°C to 75°C

  • Optimized Management
  • Optimized Utilization

Optimized Management

Sensade Web-Platform dashboard in the office

Visualize data of your parking facilities

By locations and type of parking, visualize historical data analysis of your parking facilities. Discover trends and adjust your management strategy.

Real-time notifications and optimal route plan

Automatic detection of overtime parking combined with an optimal route plan for parking guards, will considerably improve operations.


Optimized Utilization

Guide drivers to your parking facility

Our screens are adaptable to be installed on a pole or on a wall, indoor and outdoor. The size of the display can be adjusted to show number and type of available parking bays.

Attract drivers to increase utilization of the parking area and reduce traffic and pollution of the city.

Sensade Digital Guidance Sign

On a pole

The 32 x 64 cm. display gives space to show in real-time the availability of several type of parking.

Sign-on-wall mount

On a wall

With its 32 x 32 cm. active part, this screen is ideal for a smooth integration in parking houses.


On-board promotion of your parking

Ready to be integrated in  an app, advertize unfilled parking areas. Promote to drivers and reduce traffic and pollution.

Contact us to optimize your parking!

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